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Meet Fatimah

Fatimah Finney, MA, LMHC is a serial goal-setter, lover of new ideas, and imaginative thinker. At the heart of her work is a love for connecting with people and hearing their stories. On a drive back to Boston in Spring 2017, Fatimah queried, “What do I ultimately want to help people do?” She  answered, “to heal differently, to choose another way than what’s been hurting them.” 

"Imaginative thinker. Skilled facilitator. Life-long Learner"

This desire has shaped the therapy practice she opened the following summer and guided the treatment she’s offered to her clients over the years. As she learned of the burdens her clients faced in their workplaces, and reviewed her own experiences as a Black Muslim woman, Fatimah began to offer workshops and consultation focused on improving diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in professional environments. 


Fatimah’s heart and professional focus was attuned to social justice and positive social impact from an early age. As an alum of Miss Porter’s School, she fulfills the charge to shape an ever-changing world by curating experiences that challenge and champion her clients to tap into their better, more compassionate selves.


Fatimah is an emerging leader and life-long learner.  She can usually be found listening to a podcast, reading a book, or imagining a new idea for solving some problem in the world.  

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